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The Bible has a lot to say about how to manage our money.  Our advice is based on Biblical principles such as planning for the future, diversifying your investments, and avoiding debt.


Investing only $200 per month into a retirement fund that returns 10% annually will grow to over $1 million dollars in 40 years. (The example given is hypothetical in nature and for illustrative purposes only. Return assumptions do not reflect the deduction of any commissions, or fees or product charges that may apply to any particular investment. Deduction of such charges would result in a lower rate of return. Investments involve risk and may result in a loss of your principal invested.)


We offer fee-based advisory services, fee-based investments, and commission-based investment options. The choice is yours.


We are flexible.  We can meet in our office, online, in your home. or at your office.


During our first meeting, we will simply get to know one another. We will get to know more about you and your situation and you’ll get to know more about us, our investment philosophy, and how we work with our clients. At the end of the meeting we should each have enough information to determine if we wish to move forward. There is no charge for this meeting.