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Giving Funds

A Giving Fund is a donor advised fund designed to make charitable giving easier.  As part of a public charity, this strategy seeks to offer the maximum tax advantages of all other charitable giving options, and can provide you with a simplified giving process without the administrative and regulatory complications and expenses of other charitable vehicles.

The following are potential advantages:

  • Low entry cost for participating in strategic charitable giving
  • Personalization through naming of the gift account
  • Choice of various investment strategy portfolios
  • The right to recommend grants to public charities
  • Flexibility over the timing and notification of grant distributions
  • Choice of anonymity or recognition in grant-making
  • The highest charitable income tax deductions allowable by the IRS
  • Flexibility to name successor advisors for the gift account and to select that the gift account exist in perpetuity
  • Opportunity to create a family legacy by involving the next generation in the gift account
  • Ability to donate low cost-basis stock without incurring capital gains taxes while receiving an income tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock
  • Tax-free growth of charitable assets
  • Single monthly statement reporting to the client