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"If You Will Live Like No One Else..."


Save for emergencies and purchases

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Pay Off Debt

Pay off all non-mortgage debt

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Invest for long-term goals

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"...Later You Can Live and Give Like No One Else" - Dave Ramsey


We help our clients plan and invest for retirement.

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We believe college can be completed without student loans.

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Building wealth allows our clients to give their time and money to causes they believe in.

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What Is Your Financial Path?

Today it seems almost everyone has an opinion about how you should manage your money. With so much financial noise, it can be difficult to confidently decide what steps to take to reach your financial goals. It is for this reason that Dave Ramsey developed the baby steps. Dave’s baby steps are a step-by-step financial path based on what the Bible says about managing money. Using these concepts, Dave has taught over four million people how to build wealth by saving, paying off debt, and investing.

At Matthew 25 Advisors, Inc., we believe everyone needs their own customized, step-by-step financial path. The absence of a clear path can lead you to make poor financial decisions based primarily on your current desires and wants. We start with Dave’s baby steps and help you create a personalized plan to guide you along the path to your dreams. We don’t use complex financial jargon. We use everyday language to explain financial terms and investment options. We take time to educate our clients as well as advise them. Our mission is to use biblical principles to help you make wise financial decisions.

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What We Do

We use biblical principles to help our clients make wise financial decisions.

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Why We Do It

We do it because we are Dave fans too. We share many of your beliefs about money.

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How We Do It

We use Dave Ramsey's baby steps to help you create a financial plan.

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Darren Knight, CFP®

Although we work with clients of all ages and backgrounds, we specialize in providing financial planning and investment advice to Dave Ramsey fans.

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What Is Your Risk Number?

Capture your risk tolerance and see if your portfolio fits you.